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Romanians invent dynamic lighting

From this article

In the mobile phone version of the “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” video game, the torches hanging along the dark walls of Hogwarts glow in an eerily realistic fashion.

“We invented the technology, it’s called ‘dynamic lighting’,” said Mihai Pohontu, general manager of Romania’s mobile phone branch of Electronic Arts Inc, the world’s biggest video game publisher.

WTF? EA is taking credit for inventing dynamic lighting? I can’t wait for them to “invent” bump mapping and every other computer graphics technique out there.

Also, the screenshot provided with the article obviously isn’t from the mobile version…

harry potter 1

(that would be one hell of a cell phone… hmmm, maybe an iPhone could pull off something like this)

Here’s an actual screenshot from the mobile version…

harry potter 2

… which actually looks pretty damn good and seems to have a very cool lighting system.

So why make a stupid statement and say you’ve “invented dynamic lighting” instead of saying something like “our exceptionally creative Romanian team developed an incredibly realistic lighting system for the mobile version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”?

(yea, “incredibly realistic” is pushing it, but hey, it’s a cell phone game)


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