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Updates to and upcoming Amazon S3 support

Some minor aesthetic updates to the front page: screenshot

Also, as the twitter feed says, Amazon S3 support is coming. I just started using S3 and so far I’m very impressed with the speed and performance. I should also give a shout-out to LitS3, which is an excellent C# library for S3 access and is the backbone for S3 operations in Fragment Sync.

xkcd in book form

There’s going to be an xkcd book. That’s cool, but I found one paragraph, in particular, very interesting,

In fact, the xkcd story previews the much more likely future of books in which they are prized as artifacts, not as mechanisms for delivering written material to readers. This is print book as vinyl record — admired for its look and feel, its cover art, and relative permanence — but not so much for convenience.


Fragment Sync box shot

I came across ConnectCode Software Box Shot Maker on CodeGuru, meant as a demo of C# and Windows Presentation Foundation. It’s a pretty cool app, and I played around with it for a few minutes and did a box shot of Fragment Sync.

fragment sync box shot

Anti-aliasing would have been nice, but I did a quick bit of supersampling by reducing the original screenshot by half.

More .Net FtpWebRequest woes

This time it’s an issue with the SIZE command. As explained here,

Some servers require sending “TYPE I” before the SIZE command will work.

Note that setting FtpWebRequest.UseBinary to true (which it is by default) does not correct this. When getting the response, an exception will be thrown telling you the file is unavailable and you’ll get a 550 error with the message, “SIZE not allowed in ASCII mode”.

A discussion and Microsoft’s response to this issue is available here; it pretty much boils down to tough noogies, it’ll be fixed in a future version.

FBI raid of Core IP Networks

If you run a datacenter, please be aware that in our great country, the FBI can come into your place of business at any time and take whatever they want, with no reason.


TSA detains Ron Paul supporter for carrying cash

Disgusting behavior by the TSA.

h/t: donklephant