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dotspott data loss

A sincere apology to all dotspott users who used the photo upload feature; this past Saturday (7/16), the majority of photos were lost under the most ridiculous and stupid of circumstances, not the least of which was my neglect of dotspott and the dotspott server recently and failing to setup automated backups.

Only photos were affected, the database of spotts is intact.

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Here’s what happened: dotspott is run on an IIS server which I had configured manually to host dotspott. To save myself a bit of effort in managing various tasks going forward, I decided to use the plesk control panel provided by my host. Unfortunately, running through the setup in plesk basically deleted everything in the dotspott public root folder and recreated it. It did not simply migrate the setting/configuration over to plesk as I had imagined. I easily restored the application itself, and the database of spotts is hosted elsewhere, so that wasn’t a concern, but the photos were gone.

I was hoping my host would be able to recover the files from their backups of the server, but today they informed me that they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) as VPS backups are server level and for disaster recovery only.

Rest assured my first step moving forward is getting a proper backup in place and making sure something like this never happens again.