A more standards compliant portfolio

I spent some time yesterday updating my portfolio. Everything is now more (XHTML 1.0 Transitional) standards compliant; it would be fully compliant except for a few css errors due to lightbox js and its hacks for cross-browser support.

My resume is also updated and is now a proper XHTML document instead of the MS Word generated HTML markup that was there before. This along with some other, minor, changes have eliminated issues preventing it from displaying correctly in Safari. It should now display correctly in Firefox, Safari, and IE7 (there a minor issue in IE7 where the bullet points are bigger than they should be, however, it doesn’t look bad and I’m leaving it alone; IE seems to size characters in the Symbol font differently than other browsers). Things are ~99% correct in IE6 and Opera, there are some minor spacing issues. I’m not going to bother with IE6 as I’m not concerned about compatibility with a deprecated browser for this page. I might look into the Opera issues later on.

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