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It’s not that Joe Wilson was disrespectful, it’s that he was wrong

I only saw a clip of Joe Wilson’s outburst during during Obama’s health care address, but the report on the situation has been stupefying; focusing primarily on whether or not Wilson was disrespectful to the president or whether the outburst was spontaneous or not. CNN even felt it important enough to have a commentary piece on Wilson’s outburst by John Feehery explaining how it shows disrespect for the office… which is bad, because only by showing respect to the office will the president return the favor.

Being disrespectful is not the problem here. Being wrong is…

The Obama, Rick Warren thing

John Hodgman has a great write up on the situation.

Somehow I got to thinking about this issue and Babylon 5; I saw the end of season 2, the episode “The Fall of Night” a few weeks ago, which ends as follows,

We came to this place because Babylon 5 was our last, best hope for peace. By the end of 2259, we knew that it had failed. But in so doing, it became something greater, as the war expanded, it became our last, best hope for victory because sometimes peace is another word for surrender…

I truly don’t know if Obama and Warren share beliefs here. There are no facts or deeds to show he supports gay marriage, but there is that gut feeling (hope?) that he truly does believe every homosexual individual should be have the same rights as every heterosexual individual. If this assumption is indeed true, Warren being tapped to speak at Obama’s inauguration is likely a matter of bringing peace to a, still, very politically and ideologically divided nation and Warren is a powerful mechanism is that effort. It’s a noble ideal to bring together people with different views and backgrounds, but when the faith and/or opinions of certain groups explicitly call for the suppressing the rights of others groups that are not like them, the nobility is quickly lost. Gay marriage is the issue of the day, but we’ve seen this before and we’ll see this again in the future. This isn’t true peace, this is keeping the peace. And in these instances, when we talk about coming together and putting aside our differences, what we’re really talking about it surrendering our freedoms and abandoning our liberties.