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Unexpected results

Every once in a while I’ll test some piece of code and encounter a bug or some unexpected behavior that produces something weird, peculiar, or just something pretty damn cool. Here’s a perfect example,

weird output

This is from some vectorization code I’m working on. Just for the hell of it, I decided to run the output image (the one with the green pixels, which represents vertices of a polygon) through the vectorization algorithm again. The subsequent images show what happened as I kept running the vectorization algorithm on the output, in effect creating a feedback loop. (The colors that are present in the subsequent images are a result of an earlier stage in the vectorization process, the output of which is no longer adequately processed, resulting in the pattern that’s visible).

The new blog

I’ve finally made the jump away from blogger and I’m now running a custom themed, wordpress blog on my server. I made the change for a number of reasons, among them the fact that a self-hosted wordpress blog puts all content on my server (as opposed to blogger’s ftp publishing, which leaves comments and profile information on blogger servers), wordpress has the ability to search through posts, and I wanted a new, wider design.

I’m fairly happy with the move, so far my only gripe with wordpress has been it’s auto-paragraphing feature, which screwed up my code boxes (<code>…</code>). I finally just gave up trying to fight with it and installed wpautop, a plugin which disables it. Unfortunately, this also means that I have to manually do the html markup for my posts and I’m not too thrilled about having to do this for all of my old posts.

The design is still a work-in-progress as there are a few rough edges, but I’ll be making these improvements gradually. Overall, I was aiming for a simple, clean but non-generic look, and I’m pretty happy with the results. So, goodbye to blogger and goodbye to the old blog (or it’s template at least, as all the posts are still here).

the old blog

Rtf2Html 1.21

This is a minor update to Rtf2Html (my lightweight rtf to html converter). This version will detect tabs within the RTF text and convert any tab characters to 4 spaces in the HTML output.