Doppler Beta 1, Future Projects

Doppler Beta 1 is up. You can find the download link on the Doppler page. Still quite a few bugs and annoyances in the code, but it is fairly stable and functional (hey, it’s still at beta!). Beta 2 will probably be out sometime next month, a long time, but I won’t be focusing as heavily on Doppler for the next few weeks, I’m going to shift gears and focus on a few other projects I’ve had on the back burner:

Kiwi: a markup language designed as an alternative to XML for application developers. I have a love/hate relationship with XML, I hate the verbose syntax, the ambiguity between attributes and elements, all the ugly DOM stuff, etc. What I love is not XML itself, but the amazing level of support it receives from almost every company and software product in the world. In fact the only real reason I use XML is that it’s supported by the .net framework, so I don’t have to do too much work to read/write XML data. yea, I’m lazy 😉

Rex: a resource file format specification (of course I’ll have to make a utility app as well – no way in hell am I going to add/extract files using a command line).

QuadSpace: A generic version of NZEdit2 (the Nemesis Zero map editor). Will have Rex file support as well as support for TGA, PNG, and JPEG textures. Oh, btw, by “generic” I mean it will be flexible enough to be used as a map ed. for other games.

[really-cool-name]: A generic version of the NZ Particle FX Editor.

Helix: A 3D level editing program with support for importing .X files and CSG (I mention this specifically b/c so many of the free 3D level editing programs out there don’t support this).

Zero2: The second version of the Nemesis Zero engine; rebuilt from the ground up and utilizing shader model 2.0

Curve: A 3D game engine. That’s it. Haven’t really thought much about the specs as yet.

I’m also thinking it would be really cool to do a side scrolling engine, with graphics similar to NZ (i.e. 3D characters on 2D backgrounds) but where the characters can aim in any direction, kinda like a more advanced version of Abuse (anyone remember that game?, from the ill-fated crack-dot-com).

Obviously, I can’t focus on all these projects at once. So I have some serious pondering to do.

Any programmers interested in working with me on Doppler or any of the projects listed above, contact me.

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