Doppler rename and something about shoeboxes

I found out that there is a popular podcast aggregator called Doppler. So I’m thinking renaming my Doppler to Reflex. However, I googled Reflex and found a few software apps with that name as well. So I’m not sure what to do now. Maybe something like ReflexSync or DopplerSync? Who knows, coming up with names it hard work 🙁

On another note, one of the original uses of Doppler was going to be for automated file backups. That is, whenever a file was updated, the file would be automatically copied and updated on another drive, folder (hmm, backup to a folder on the same drive seems dumb), whatever. Anyway, I was thinking of making an application to perform this function. Of course, again I’m faced with the daunting task of coming up with a name. I saw a christmas card I got on the floor the other day (the floor is, of course, the ideal storage location for christmas cards) and on the back was “shoebox” (which I now know is a “tiny little division of Hallmark”). I thought to myself that that would be a really cool name. I googled it and found there’s a photo organization app for OS X called shoebox. Bummer, but maybe I an append or prepend something to the name.

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