For the past week or so I’ve been working on Doppler, a small file synchronization utility program. I was surprised to find that few such programs existed and the few that are around cost a bit of money and didn’t have the features I was looking for.

What’s so special about Doppler?

  • Designed to be invisible (resides in the system tray), lightweight (uses very little processor power and plays very nicely with other processes), and magical (Doppler will automatically mirror changes to files and directories that it monitors)

  • Doppler can be used as an automated backup system. The Doppler server keeps and manages its own “file system” (it’s just a directory where it dumps files). Just run the server on the machine where you want to keep the backup and setup the client to monitor the directories which you want to backup.

  • You can run Doppler as a server and a client on the same computer. Mirroring files and directories on the same PC may seem stupid, but if you mirror to another drive you now have a backup – an automated backup!
I’ll probably have a beta version out next week. Currently I’m fixing bugs and still adding features. File versioning and compression (both for transfer and storage of files in the Doppler file sys.) are two main areas that I’m really looking into.

For now here’s a pic of the doppler control center: