firesync 2.0 coming soon

firesync 2.0 is just around the corner, there aren’t a whole lot of new features but it’ll be very stable and fast, with quite a few tweaks (delay in querying the network won’t lockup the UI) and improvements (graceful handling of conflicts, where copies of overwritten files are sent to the recycle bin). Perhaps the only major new feature it’ll have will be the ability to handle file deletions and renames, which seems to be an issue with a lot of sync apps. (A revised sync algorithm handles this, it’s not done using a service running in the background; I wanted to avoid a service at all costs as it can lead to some sticky situations, e.g. what happens if the service doesn’t start or is killed?)

One feature I would have liked, but may not make it in is “auto-sync,” which would have automatically sync’d files when your CPU was idle or its usage was very lower (I rejected the idea of a scheduling system b/c [a] users won’t take the time to do it and [b] it can be hard to guess when both machines setup to be sync’d would be free and connected to the network). It’s not difficult to implement, but I doubt I’ll have the time to properly test it (and for firesync, testing anything takes a huge amount of time and patience). However, it’ll definitely be in firesync 3.0.

Anyways, I’ll be talking more about firesync 2.0 when it’s released, for now, enjoy the new logo…

firesync 2.0 logo

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