firesync and the copy-delete-rename problem

An interesting problem with firesync popped up a while ago. I was syncing files on my laptop and a file didn’t get updated. Thinking this was odd, I tried to sync again, and got the same problem. So I looked at the file modification times of the files on the 2 computers and noticed the problem. What happened was…

1. I had a file (we’ll call it fileA) and made a copy of it (we’ll call the copy fileB).
2. I deleted a file (we’ll call it fileC)
3. I renamed fileB to the name of fileC (thus replacing fileC with fileB)

Unfortunately, when fileB was made, Windows set the file modification time of fileB to that of fileA and fileA had a modification time <= the modification time of fileC. So when firesync saw the file it looked like fileC didn’t need to be updated.

It’s a weird and complex little problem, but the good news it that when the file copy was done, Windows gave fileB a newer creation time. So it’s a somewhat easy fix that’ll be implemented in the next version of firesync.

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