fragment space launch, firesync 2, and new portfolio

New stuff:

  • fragment space was launched a while back (at the beginning of the new year). It feels great to finally have something up and get rid of the “coming soon” message. Overall, I think the site turned nicely. A fair amount of graphics and a little fade-in/fade-out fx, but I don’t think it overwhelms or distracts from the content. I initially was going to have a drop-down menu for projects, but as there is only 1 definite project that would be available for download (firesync) and everything else was up in the air, I opted instead to just have a tab for firesync and just keep the site simple and leave the other stuff out until more concrete info or a download was available for the other stuff. One addition to the site that I think would be cool would be a commenting system on project pages, but so far I’m still searching for solutions.

  • firesync 2 is done and further info and download links are on the fragment space site.

  • I’ve updated/redesigned my portfolio & resume, both of which are available at I’ll probably be making some minor changes to polish things up and fix a few bugs (e.g. resume does not display correctly in Safari), but overall I really like how it turned out and I think it has a great look and feel: very simple (the layout is 99% text-based, most images are related to content) with an intuitive interface that does a good job of filtering information into digestible units. I think it’s a huge improvement over the previous page, which just spat out a long list of everything and provided navigation controls that simply scrolled you down to a section in the page. Also, the buggy, dynamic XML loading is gone so the site now works in Safari and popups have been eliminated as lightboxes are used to display images.

  • Update/redesign for; what I’m calling the hub page. The design and layout is kinda cool, but I’m not totally happy with how this came out. I don’t think the design really reflects the page’s position as a hub connecting to other sites/pages and doesn’t provide information about these other pages/sites quickly enough to the end-user. A visual preview of these external pages/sites might have also been a good idea. I’ll probably be redoing it soon.

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