hotspotdot for webOS v1.1.0

The 1.1.0 update for the hotspotdot webOS app is up. You can now create a new account from within the app, share hotspots via. email, update the locations of your existing hotspots, and refresh the current list of hotspots.

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I can’t respond to reviews in the app catalog, so I’ll do it here.

Potential = 5 stars. Currently, still a work in progress – but fills a much needed void on webOS = being able to save fav places in google maps.

2 features missing:

1. Search via keyword/category. You can enter keywords for your places, but then it just shows everything in a list anyways. Maybe make it autosearch – when the program is open you can just starts typing and the matching entries will pop up.

2. Ability to enter places you aren’t current at. Right now to add any place you have to physically be there. This prevents the most common use of fav places = hear about a good restaurant from a friend and save its location so you can go there later.

Hope to see this developed more…and i’d pay for it!

I’ll definitely work on autosearch. Adding locations that your not currently at is problematic because there doesn’t seem to be a mechanism on webOS by which you can poll the locations of a selected marker from the Maps app. You can, of course, do this from the web app.

2 stars because it functions & is a cool idea….BUT…this is clearly not formatted for WebOS (Or maybe mobile?). I say that because you have to sign up 1st & when the sign in screen loads it is so small as to be unreadable. Once you expand the screen to enter you info, you have to slide aound to get it all in and “submit”.

That might sound harsh/anal but it is the simple things – like useability – that frustrate users and make them look elsewhere.

From Chris T

Very true, the sign-up process was not part of the app prior to this version and the process via. the website really was not designed for a mobile device – though everything should work. This version should make the process more mobile-friendly.

Ok.. Not really what I expected.. I was reading into this as WiFi hotspot designator.. Just a basic location designator?? Uh..ok…

From Anonymous

I was hoping it would perhaps look for “HotSpots”, posibly reporting strength, then recording GPS location, like a sniffer.

From Mark R

There seems to be some confusion that the app deals with wifi hotspots. To (hopefully) avoid this, I’ve altered the app description to the following:

hotspotdot allows you to easily record and tag locations (“hotspots”) that are important to you. Your personal database of locations (and related metadata) can then be accessed to show you exactly where your hotspots are and how to get to them.

Finally, for bug reports, feature requests, etc. you can now email me at

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