Portfolio, Resume, and Visual Web Developer 2005

wow, it’s been a long time since my last update. Been feeling very lazy lately; guess I’m just recovering from finals (my last one was last friday, being postponed due to the NYC transit strike).

In any case, I did make time to finally update my resume and portfolio. The resume update was fairly easy. As for the portfolio, since I changed the design, this update was fairly involved and time consuming. In the past, I’ve used Frontpage 2002 to do most of my web pages, but I’ve switched over to Visual Web Developer 2005 Express (fyi, available free until Nov. 2006). Even though it’s made for ASP.NET projects, it’s a very competent HTML editor as well; much nicer than Frontpage.

I also got a chance to toy around with Javascript a bit when making the function that opens a popup window to display the full-sized screenshots. Seems like a nice, little scripting language; however, Visual Web Developer doesn’t seem to support features to edit/debug scripts. So, my workflow was something like: write code, view web page in browser, open javascript console to see errors/warnings, update code, view web page in browser, … This wasn’t a big deal for the simple stuff I was doing, but for larger javascript projects, I can just imagine how painful it would be to deal with such a workflow.

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