RexUtil 1.4

Finally got around to fixing a ton of bugs in RexUtil; most of which I discovered when I began integrating the Rex code with the Firefly code. Errors in compacting the memory holes caused by deleting files were the biggest headaches. Aside from not filling the holes correctly (and being left with a file that was bigger than it should be), I also wasn’t correctly updating the file offsets in the file list (eek!). So after deleting a file, a fair amount of the other files in the archive were left inaccessible and corrupt (trying to access/extract them resulted in going to the wrong offset and reading/writing the wrong bytes).

Anyway, RexUtil 1.4 is up which I believe fixes all the major problems with RexUtil and updates the Rex format to make it more flexible and expandable in the future. Yea, I did sort of jump version numbers as there was no RexUtil 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3. I have no good reason for doing this other than to help me keep track of what versions I had flying around between my PCs; build numbers would have been a better idea.

Oh, and the Rex page has been updated with a nicer design. Nice and pretty, with a new logo for Rex/RexUtil 🙂

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