Rtf2Html 1.2

I made some updates to the lightweight rtf to html converter I created a while back.

Changes include:

  • Context menu for textboxes, making it easy to select, cut, copy, paste, etc.
  • Ability to view a preview of the output to ensure correct result.
  • String for color hex values are now simplifed, if possible. (e.g. #0000ff = #00f). This, in a small way, conserves space.
  • Support for a few basic special entities, less-than sign, greater-than sign, quotation mark, and ampersand. Also, the copyright symbol is converted into it’s appropriate special entity (this allows compatibility with older browsers and/or content w/ non-unicode character sets)
  • Conversion of newline characters to <br /> elements.
  • The executable now has a cool icon.
These are in addition to the previous formatting options supported: text color, bold, italic, underline, and strike-thru.

Not supported are: font-type, font-size, bulleted lists, paragraph alignment, bold-italic font-style. I’ll probably look into these in the future. They’re not difficult to implement, but, especially when embedding within existing HTML content, it’s beneficial to be able to toggle these options on and off (specifically off, as it may be better for the styles of the parent element to be inherited in certain cases). The work of updating the interface + implementing these additional options is more than I’d care to undertake at this time. Especially as this app is only meant to format source code that I post here.

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