SlashXML (C++ version)

The C++ code for SlashXML is now up, it’s in the /cpp folder within the repository. The C++ version supports most of the functionality the C# version does; maintaining multiple codebases is very difficult!

The C++ version also has 2 dependencies: TinyXML, an awesome, light weight XML parser, and AString, a not-so-lightweight UTF-8 string class. I know not everyone might be crazy about using AString, especially as it’s fairly bloated; I fucked around with things like custom numeric to string conversions with this class – unnecessary stuff, and it’s probably slower than using sprintf. However, it’s well encapsulated in it’s own namespace. I’ll try to have something more elegant in the future.

Load an XML document from a file

SlashXMLReader    xmlreader;

Load an XML document from a string

SlashXMLReader    xmlreader;
unsigned char> xmlData;
// copy octets from string into xmlData here

Retrieve data from an element

SlashXMLString data = xmlreader.GetData("root/child");

Retrieve data from an indexed element

SlashXMLString data = xmlreader.GetData("root/child[2]");

Get the number of child nodes under an element

int numKids = xmlreader.GetNumChildren("root", "child");

The SlashXMLReader::LoadXMLData() method is kinda messed up and bizarre. I don’t even remember what was going thru my mind there.

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