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One of the earliest computer games I played was MegaRace, which came bundled with a Quantex Pentium 60Mhz PC by dad bought sometime around the end of 1994. It was a cheesy game (really cheesy), but it was fun to play. The FMV race tracks were visually impressive for the time and the combat racing was exciting despite only being able to move cars side-to-side.

MegaRace: Particle Accelerator

The chiptune soundtrack, composed by Stéphane Picq, was particularly memorable. For those interested, this fan site has Ogg Vorbis encodings of the music for the race tracks as well as an MP3 of an FMV ending sequence. Well worth a listen.

The Craftsman

I loved the music in Unreal, Unreal Tournament, and particularly Deus Ex, so I was happy to stumble across the the website of Alexander Brandon recently. I love his work and enjoyed listening to the new music he’s posted to Bandcamp. Below is one track I particularly like.

For a bit of nostalgia, if you have Unreal, Unreal Tournament, or Deux Ex lying around, grab the Modplug Player which will allow you to play the umx files within the music directory of those games.