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Quake 3

I have a bunch of old video game magazines I’m sorting through. I love the old issues of PC Gamer and it’s awesome to see some of the old ads and articles. Here’s a gem from the September 1999 issue:

quake 3 ad from Sept. 1999 issue of PC Gamer

I didn’t play Quake 3 until well after release, as the case is with most games I play, but for Quake 3 in particular I couldn’t play it until I got a Voodoo 3 as it required 3d hardware acceleration. I didn’t play online much, but I had a blast playing thru the single-player tiers. That said, I was disappointed with the lack of CTF, the dialog from the bots seemed stupid (attempting and failing badly to mimic how players talked online), and the lack of variety in level design was disappointing (transitioning only between the tech arenas and the hellish, fog-filled ones)… perhaps not an issue in multiplayer, but in single-player, the maps took a front seat to your soulless opponents. A solid game and great deathmatch experience nonetheless, but I remember playing Unreal Tournament much more, both online and off.