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I’ve always played it safe with fonts when it comes to web design, sticking to fonts commonly available across operating systems such as Verdana, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS, etc. However, I’m pretty psyched to see how well the CSS @font-face attribute is supported. Format support is somewhat of a mess: EOT for Internet Explorer and TTF/OTF for WebKit-based browsers (Chrome, Safari). However, Firefox 3.6+ supports the new Web Open Font Format, which is poised to become the new standard and will, hopefully, quickly find it’s way into the other browsers.

If your in Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, here’s a font I’ve loved for a while, Titillium:


I’ve never really had problems finding fonts for free or even commercial use, but Font Squirrel now makes the whole search process dead simple and super easy. They also seem to have a pretty awesome converter; though I used this oft2woff converter for my little demo above.